Gabe Batstone

Gabe Batstone is the co-founder & CEO of contextere. He brings to the company 19 years of experience in software development across multiple industries around the globe. This has included initiatives in the digital oilfield, intelligent vehicles, virtual reality, augmented reality, and big data. Gabe has worked for technology leaders in the aerospace & defense, automotive, and energy markets including NAVTEQ, CAE, and NGRAIN. Gabe serves on the Board of Directors of the Canadian American Business Council (CABC) promoting continental trade policy. Gabe also founded Teagan’s Voice a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting children’s rights following the murder of his 8-year-old daughter in December 2014. Gabe holds a Bachelor of Applied Arts, specializing in Geographic information Systems, from Ryerson University in Toronto and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Baltimore. Gabe is a frequent public speaker, published writer, and has completed postgraduate studies at the United Nations Institute for Training & Research, University of Chicago, and Harvard Law School.