Brigadier-general Michel Lalumiere, CD

 BGen Lalumière joined the military in 1984 at the Collège Militaire Royal (CMR) de St-Jean, graduating from (RMC) in Kingston with an engineering degree. 

Received his wings in 1990, he spent the first half of his career operationally at numerous SAR Sqns in Canada as a helicopter pilot. He served at 103 Search and Rescue Unit in Gander NF on the CH113 Labrador helicopter, followed by 442 (T and R) Squadron in Comox BC, and at the 442 Squadron Operational Training Flight as an instructor. 

In 1997, he joined the New SAR Helicopter (CSH) Project in Ottawa in its definition and evaluation phase. He served as the Detachment Commander for the Project Management Office in Italy, working with Italian/English Consortium EHI, to build the new Canadian SAR helicopter fleet. He took part in the transatlantic delivery missions from Italy to Canada. He received a Special Achievement Award from DGAEPM for his accomplishments. 

Graduated from Command & Staff College at Canadian Forces College in Toronto, he was given Command in 2003 of 424 Transport & Rescue Squadron, 8 Wing Trenton. 

Posted to Ottawa in 2005, first assigned to the Air Staff with responsibilities in NATO, NORAD and other international cooperation efforts with allies; then the newly formed Strategic Joint Staff for the Chief of Defence Staff, Gen Hillier; and finally, joined the Chief of Air Staff Exec staff as Executive Assistant to CAS and Commander of Air Command LGen A. Watt. In 2009, was appointed Wing Commander at 19 Wing Comox, a period which saw the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, Op Hestia response to Natural disaster in Haiti, as well as CP140 deployment to Op Unified Protector Lybia. In 2011 he was posted to the Air Staff as Director Air Force Readiness, to then be deployed on Op ATTENTION as the Chief of Staff Counter Corruption Task Force in ISAF Headquarters, Kabul Afghanistan. He received a Chief of Defence Staff Commendation for his accomplishments. In 2012 he served as Senior Advisor to Commander Canadian Joint 

Operations Command (CJOC), LGen Stu Beare. In 2014, he was promoted and appointed Director-General Space, overseeing the Defense Space Program. In 2016, he returned to the Royal Canadian Air Force, overseeing the Force Development Effort, as DG Air FD. 

BGen Lalumière completed the Advanced Military Studies Program in 2007, and graduated from the inaugural National Security Program at CFC in Toronto in 2009. He is presently working on a masters degree in Public Administration.