Martin Brassard

Martin Brassard is President and Chief Executive Officer of Héroux-Devtek since 2019; having joined the company in 1994 as Divisional Controller. He participated in the restructuring of the Longueuil Plant and the implementation of the ERP systems. He was appointed Vice President Control and Information Technology in 1999 and, over the next six years, he actively participated in several successful acquisitions.

His appointment in June 2005 as Vice President and General Manager of the Landing Gear Division led him to effectively manage that division for nine years. In 2014, he was promoted to Vice President and Chief Operating Officer; under his leadership the Landing Gear Division grew significantly.

A true team player and leader, Martin has led many strategic initiatives to success, including increased revenues and overall improvement of the different business units. Martin’s strong business acumen and financial expertise coupled with his capacity to listen and work well with his team allow him to view a business with a wide lens and then focus on the key drivers to obtain results.

Martin holds a Bachelor of Commerce from l’Université du Québec in Trois-Rivières.