• How long is the Trade Show open?

    Details coming soon.

  • Is the Annual Aerospace Dinner included in my conference / exhibitor pass?

    No. Tickets to the Annual Aerospace Dinner must be purchased separately from your conference or exhibitor pass. You can add them to your purchase as you are completing the registration process.

  • Is the Annual Aerospace Reception included in my conference / exhibitor pass?

    No. The Annual Aerospace Reception is part of the Annual Aerospace Dinner, which is not included in a Conference or Exhibitor pass. You can add tickets to the reception and dinner to your purchase as you are completing the registration process.

  • What is the dress code for the Annual Aerospace Dinner?

    The dress code for the Annual Aerospace Dinner is business attire.

  • Can I register for the B2B if I’m not an exhibitor?

    Access to the B2B matchmaking platform is available exclusively to B2B & Trade Show Exhibitors. Click here to learn more about the Trade Show and how you can get access!

  • How does the B2B matchmaking platform work?

    The Canadian Aerospace Summit B2B & Trade Show platform allows exhibitors to request and schedule meetings in order to plan their agenda. Because this system allows all meetings to be scheduled well in advance, we strongly recommend registering early so that you can request and confirm the meetings you want before the other participants’ agendas are full.

    Several weeks before the Summit takes place, the online B2B platform will be opened to all registered exhibitors. Available online or on your tablet or smartphone, the platform allows you to:

    • Create and manage your company profile, specifying exactly which products and services you offer or are looking for
    • Connect with other attendees through an internal email system specific to the Summit B2B event
    • View and search the database of registered participants (primes, suppliers and partners) to identify which companies you wish to meet with
    • Send meeting requests
    • Create and update your personal agenda for the B2B event

    Once a meeting has been confirmed, the system will automatically assign a meeting location, send an email confirmation to both participants, and add the meeting to both participants’ agendas. When the event is about to begin, simply download your agenda to your Outlook or iCal calendar.