For more than 50 years, WINGS magazine has delivered industry news to key decision-makers, reaching more fixed-wing readers than any other aviation trade magazine. WINGS editorial coverage and readership spans the commercial, business, para-public and government/military aviation sectors as well as the aerospace industry with a focus on the Canadian operating and regulatory environment.


  • National reach
  • Relevant editorial content
  • Canada’s trusted information authority for more than 50 years
  • 5% of our readers have contacted advertisers directly from WINGS ads!
  • 50% of our readers indicate they have direct purchasing influence within their organization; your message will be reaching your target audience!


  • 3% read publication REGULARLY to ALWAYS
  • 4% read MOST or ALL of the magazine
  • 2% pass the magazine to colleagues
  • 7% pass it along to 2,3,4,5 or more colleagues
  • 4% have visited the publications website
  • 2% find the website useful

By working with WINGS we can offer your company a unique presence in aviation dependent markets; no other titles can offer you this direct access. We can also extend your reach with our varied online products, including weekly e-newsletters, digital editions and more!

The WINGS and HELICOPTERS brands are owned by Annex Business Media, the largest B2B publisher in Canada. The parent company has under its umbrella 60 titles (and growing) in 6 sectors: manufacturing/industrial, commercial/ heavy equipment, commercial, agriculture, retail business and professional services. Annex Business Media have 650,000 print subscribers, of which 420,000 are unique individuals. Online, our websites experience well over 1.2 million page views per month across all of our publications and we have more than 340,000 unique email addresses (250,000 of them are CASL compliant for 3rd-party marketing purposes).


Matt Nicholls

Group Publisher
Martin McAnulty

National Account Manager

Mena Miu

Marketplace Account Manager

Kory Pearn